About Us

Anyone can use LIFT. We can connect you with available transportation resources that will best fit your needs.

We offer ride referrals, set up transportation for events, and offer transportation information for Southwest Wisconsin. Other services we can refer people to include: Car seat installation and checks, Rideshare and Carpool services, AARP CarFit (to help individuals to fit their vehicle to themselves to facilitate safe driving), Training Programs for Volunteer Driver Programs, and Travel Training.

Our History and Membership

Since 2006, the Southwest Wisconsin Transit Team has been exploring new ways to collaborate and improve existing transportation services in Southwest Wisconsin. By employing a regional approach to the provision of transportation services, we can make more effective use of our resources and serve more people. Initially over 75 members, the team now includes representation from Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette and Richland counties (see website), as well as The Hodan Center, Southwest Opportunities Center, Southwest Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program, and the Wisconsin Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. The initial grant for mobility management that became the LIFT program was written by the SWTT in 2008 to coordinate existing services and provide a regional approach to fulfilling transportation needs in Southwest Wisconsin.

We have partnerships throughout the region and are part of a state-wide network of mobility managers.

Click here for more information about mobility management in Wisconsin.

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