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Because of the LIFT Program, people in our communities are able to remain healthy and active.

  • $10 can get someone to visit their loved ones at the nursing home. No longer able to drive and without much family in the area, some people rely on the LIFT Program to take them to visit loved ones in the hospitals or nursing homes.
  • $25 can help a struggling family get to the food pantry and home with food. Transportation can sometimes make the difference in being able to access services.
  • $50 can get someone back and forth to their first interview, second interview and orientation.
  • $75 can get someone back and forth to work until they can get their first paycheck.
  • $100 can go a long way towards helping a family facing cancer or another life-threatening illness requiring specialists.
  • $200 can get a person back and forth to work until they are eligible for a Work ‘N Wheels Loan(link to the w n w page @ swcap site.)

Transportation makes the difference, whether that dream is to contribute to the community in a recognized way, through integrated employment or to live out retirement years in a rural community among people you love. For as many people that we are able to help, there are many others we cannot because of limited funding. People like Tom, who cannot get transportation on the weekend to visit his family La Crosse, and people like Sally, who has a health condition that makes it impossible to schedule her life three or four days in advance.

As we continue to expand this program and find new and more cost efficient ways to help, your involvement is needed more than ever. Engage with us and be a part of the solution. Whether it is making an online donation, volunteering, or assisting in our advocacy efforts, we want you as a partner!

When you click on the "donate" button, you will be taken to our secure PayPal site for processing your donation. When filling out the required fields for your donation, you will see a field for the "purpose" of your donation. In that field, please type the word "LIFT".

NOTE: The LIFT Program is part of the Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program. When the next window appears, it will reference that in the information you will be seeing. Rest assured, you are in the right place for donating to the LIFT Program.

Thank you for your support of LIFT, and enhancing the transportation system within our region.


Contributions may also be mailed to our office.

LIFT - Southwest Wisconsin Transit
c/o Mobility Manager
201 S. Iowa Street
Dodgeville, WI 53533

If you have any questions regarding your tax-deductable donation, please contact the Mobility Manager, at the following numbers:

608-930-2191 (local)