March, 2016

New Vehicles Are in Service

On Monday, Feb 22, Jeff and Ashley flew to New York and purchased two accessible Sienna vans. Thank you to Dale Marsico at CTAA and Jimmy Jones at the Advantage Auto Group for offering these vehicles at a price we could afford! Our drive back from New York was smooth &emdash; just ahead of a severe storm &emdash; and relatively quick &emdash; we slept in our own beds Tuesday night. By Monday the 29th both vans had all their vinyl (Thank you Rick!), license and all supplies and were ready for service.

The new vans have ramps in the rear that are 36 inches wide and that have working load limits of 1,000 pounds. Our side load vans’ ramps are 30 inches wide and have working load limits of 800 pounds. We are happy to be able to provide another level of service!

New Employees Coming this Month

Now that we have 6 accessible vans in service and that we are providing more than 600 one-way trips every month, we are in need of additional staff. Kevin, our newest driver, will be starting at the end of the month. He is a former county highway guy so he comes to us with a more intimate knowledge of the roads than any of our other drivers.

The increase in trips per month has meant an increase in record keeping and administration. Lily will be joining our office team as a half time administrative assistant. Soon we will have three people answering phones. Our hope is that we will nearly eliminate our customers having to leave voice mails during business hours. If you leave a voice mail, please know that we will return your call promptly.